Sunday, June 26, 2011

Basics Of Collision and Collider Cont ...

Wheel Collider

The Wheel Collider is a special collider for grounded vehicles. It has built-in collision detection, wheel physics, and a slip-based tire friction model. It can be used for objects other than wheels, but it is specifically designed for vehicles with wheels.


CenterCenter of the wheel in object local space.
RadiusRadius of the wheel.
Suspension DistanceMaximum extension distance of wheel suspension, measured in local space. Suspension always extends downwards through the local Y-axis.
Suspension SpringThe suspension attempts to reach a Target Position by adding spring and damping forces.
SpringSpring force attempts to reach the Target Position. A larger value makes the suspension reach the Target Position faster.
DamperDampens the suspension velocity. A larger value makes the Suspension Spring move slower.
Target PositionThe suspension's rest distance along Suspension Distance. 0 maps to fully extended suspension, and 1 maps to fully compressed suspension. Default value is zero, which matches the behavior of a regular car's suspension.
MassThe Mass of the wheel.
Forward/Sideways FrictionProperties of tire friction when the wheel is rolling forward and sideways. See Wheel Friction Curves section below.

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Game Developer in Unity3d
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